2016 Seoul Fall Trip Part 8

Chicken Volcano at BeerKing

 We were starving and tired when we got back from Tokyo so we headed out for lunch. The equivalent of an Izakaya in Japan, BeerKing is where you go drink hard and snack on crap. this was super delicious. Some kinda spicy red sauce on the bottom with crispy potato chips, fried chicken, tomato, and ricotta cheese. We were so full and tired we went home to bed :)

Next day: Ramen lunch on the Han River

 We'd seen this on a variety show haha. You can get your ramen at these little cafes near the river.

Ajumma helps us out

 She helped us make our ramen with little sausages, egg, and mozzarella cheese

NOMS is ready

 Medium spicy ramen with little sausages and mozzarella cheese.

We walked our lunch down closer to the Han so we could enjoy our last afternoon in Seoul with great views of the city. This peach alcoholic (3%) drink was super yummy.


 Time for a Tiramisu bingsu

Tram up the mountain to Namsan Tower

 This is looking down at the main street that splits Nomdaemun and Myeongdong.

Love locks everywhere!

Its kinda silly, they actually cut these off and put up new fence when they are full. Great money making idea though as you can buy the lock and marker for 10,000 won.

Great view of north Seoul

A quick trip back to Insadong

More hanbok, they're so pretty!

Hodugwaja - Walnut Cakes

 My absolute favorite street food snack in Seoul

 crispy, warm Korean walnut cakes filled with red bean paste and walnuts

678 Korean BBQ in Dongdaemun

 I don't recommend this particular location.

Not as good as our first BBQ, kinda disappointing as this was our last meal in Seoul :(