2016 Halloween in Tokyo!

This is our super tiny apartment in Shibuya.
I've stayed in Tokyo before but this is the smallest place so far, literally this is the entire room but for the tiny bathroom through that door. It was only one night so no biggie.

Shibuya Alley

 Were were wandering around the neighborhood looking for lunch.

Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka

 We came across this conveyor belt sushi joint, prices started at 180 yen.  You kinda go crazy ordering, especially if you are hungry. They had some strange ones too like hamburger sushi.

Fried Shrimp

Shrimp with chilis

More fried shrimp

Tuna with fried chicken and some sauce

My total was 777 yen


 I've been here several times and it has never not been insane. I hate it and will never go in there again lol. Its a crazy tourist trap with lots of over prices goods and not very nice Japanese sales people. I guess if you've never been go check it out.

Akihabara Electric Town

I do love to come here, its like an ultra compact New York City with way more futuristic signs. There's always J-pop playing on a giant screen and anime and mobile game ads everywhere. Its crazy. We popped into a Pachinko building last time and the NOISE was insane. 

We only had time to visit our favorite shop that sells popular keychains. But if you have a day come visit the maid cafes and old arcades, there's tons to do here. 

 Figurines for sale, you could find some rare ones for 100s even 1000s of yen each.

Time for Mario Cart!

 Our instructor explaining how to use the go carts. You can do this too, visit http://maricar.com

Mario Cart on the streets of Tokyo

 It is a crazy fun experience and we chose the best day, Halloween.

Another selfie but how else to show off my kigurumi of Bad Badtz-Maru?

Great group

 Complete strangers but they were fun and very enthusiastic.

Quick stop at Tokyo Tower

Traffic jam into Shibuya

 People were either dressed up for Halloween and running around being crazy or salary men and women leaving work. They would stop and take our photos, we were celebrities for 2 hours :)

Post ride dinner

 I love this 280 yen Izakaya in Shinjuku, unfortunately they started charging to park your ass but I had been thinking about this chicken all damn day so I paid it and enjoyed my chicken and beer. I love this place, its loud, its smoky, its full of young kids and adults after work just killing it all night. Not everything on the menu is 280 yen but a lot of it is.

Met our friend

 We have a friend that is going to school in Tokyo so we always take him out for food and drinks when we come visit.

We stayed out super late but were able to catch the last train to Shibuya.

Yakatori Alley

 There are a few of these but this one is in Shinjuku

 People cram in here for some good cheap eats

Rainy morning in Shibuya

 Time to head back to Seoul to finish up our trip

Day after Halloween

 This guy had to carry his still drunk/tired girlfriend back home

Pork bun!

 Lawsons got good buns. It's what's for breakfast!

Shibuya Crossing

Snacks for the trip back