2016 Seoul Fall Trip Day 1

A beautiful hazy morning in Seoul

We arrived late Sunday night so we tried to sleep. This shot is around 6 am but I had seen people busying up the streets down there since 5.

We stayed in an AirBnB in Dongdaemun

There are so many different streets from print shops, motorcycle/scooter repair/sales, to furniture, and this weird cluttered one with tons of random tools etc.

Street on the way to DDP

We just kinda wandered around on the way to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza area. Seeing what options there were as far as food and coffee.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

 Really cool place with art and shops. The main shopping area, Dongdaemun Shopping Complex,  is across the street. Dongdaemun is Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping district boasting 26 shopping malls, 30,000 specialty shops, and 50,000 manufacturers. You can buying clothing and shoes here but you can also buy everything you need to make clothing and shoes as well. It's split between retail and wholesale, retail includes the big multi-storey shopping malls Doota (located within Doosan Tower), Migliore, Good Morning City, Freya Town, LOTTE FITIN and Hello apM but you can also find outside retailers (most operating from 12-5 AM) and the underground shops accessible by the subway entrances.


 The Dongdaemun History Museum was established within the Dongdaemun History and culture Park to Preserve and show artifacts found from excavation work conducted during the park's construction. A total of 2,778 pieces comprising 2,575 artifacts were discovered from the site with occupation ievel ranging from the early Joseon Dynasty to modern times.

3D printed mini me's

 We had ourselves 3D printed. It took 10 days since its so popular and pretty cheap (less than 100,000 won shipped) so we had them mailed to us. They came the day after we got home.

678 Chicken

 We came across Kang Ho Dong's chicken joint. We have the 678 BBQ in North Georgia and love it. This was equally delicious. It's a small shop on the corner between the DDP and the Seoul Folk Flea Market.

Nerd approved.

Honey butter fries (honey butter is a huge thing in Korea), corn salad, with half-n-half garlic and spicy chicken wings. Their chicken was so big! We had Kyochon Chicken in Gangnam later and it wasn't as good.

We made it into a live filming at Simply Kpop

We had applied to be in the audience before we left the states and found out that Sunday that we were in! We were able to watched Dal Shabet perform FRI SAT SUN, 24K's BINGO, and  Se7en had a comeback with Give it to Me. The whole thing took about 2 hours and you couldn't leave the set to pee or anything and no pictures but I snuck one of the stage real quick.


 They like to interview foreigners and picked my Korean American bf to talk about 90/00s kpop. He was a nervous dork.

Dinner time

After a long day we grabbed some dinner in a food alley near our apartment and DDP. Tons of choices here from BBQ to Tonkatsu.