2016 Seoul Fall Trip Part 2

Gwangjang Market

One of the most popular and oldest market, just north west of Dongdaemun. Has five covered alleyways with different foods down each. This is around 11am before it gets really busy for lunch on a Tuesday.

Mung Bean Pancake (bindaetteok) and Makgeolli

Live Octopuss

Korean BBQ

We went home after the market jet-lagged and ended up sleeping until midnight (9 hours!) But thats ok because Dongdaemun has a night market that runs from 12-5am. Someone said Korean BBQ in Seoul wasn't very good, they were incredibly wrong. We grabbed a quick bite before we went shopping.

Dongdaemun shops

 The bigger malls had pulled their clothes out on the sidewalk for sale but the cheaper items were in Migliore where I found a lot of super cute tops for 10,000 won each.

Lots of interesting clothes

I was too busy shopping to take pics but most don't want you taking pics anyway.  A ton of the shirts and jackets have some funny English phrase, most of the time its nonsensical but this one was pretty funny.

678 BBQ

Wandering around we found a 678 BBQ joint that we tried on our last night. Not as good as the other BBQ places we had found.

This area was swarming with wholesalers stocking up on the big sale that was happening in Seoul until Oct 31st.