2016 Seoul Fall Trip Part 7


 This is looking north from the apartment in Chungmuro

Shoe Alley in Dongdaemun

 After 6 days of walking around 25,000 steps (according to my Gear Fit) my shoes had given out. So I paid a quick visit to Shoe Alley, Dongdaemun subway exit 1.

New jumper

 There were a lot of these knockoffs.

My 15,00 won kicks, very stretchy and breathable.

Off to Insadong

I would say this is our favorite Dong in Seoul. Tons of tourist sure but great for souvenirs and the atmosphere is refreshing compared to the others areas.

This bag store is a great find, every bag on the outside is 10,000 won. You will need a new backpack for all the stuff you end up buying!

Ssamziegil Mall

 This crazy mall has a square spiral walkway leading up four floors of shopping.

Web Toon characters (online comics) are so popular people buy their toy.

Poop Bread

 Sorry for the selfie. This is just a chocolate filled bread, very warm and yummy. There's a cafe at the very top that had toilet seat coffee mugs though we didn't get any.
I bought a souvenir for myself that represent my cat that I left at home for the 10 days we were gone :'(

 We got lost in the basement looking for a bathroom.

Traditional Bulgogi

Banchan (Korean side dishes)


 Insadong has Hanbok (traditional Korean dresses) you can rent and wear around for the day. They look especially cute on the teenage girls. I saw a few couples in full garb as well on dates.

A Line?

If there's a line and you have no other plans you may as well get in it. It went pretty quick and we were pleasantly surprised by the treat!

 The line was twice as long by the time we got our treats. We thought about buying 20 and selling them for 2x to the people at the end of the line xD


 Sweet fried dough filled with sweet ingredients like brown sugar, honey, peanuts, sesame seeds, and cinnamon. So good!

Bukchon Sonmandoo Dongdaemun

 Super good mandu (dumplings) restaurant. This one has seating and there's another in Insadong but there's no seating at that one.

Sample plate of fried and steamed mandu