2016 Seoul Fall Trip Part 4

We started our day at the Raccoon Cafe!

 This place is called Blind Alley near Sookmyung Women's University and the owner has three raccoons, Crema, Shot, and Bean, and a corgi that you can play with.

Feeding the jerks

 We were the only ones there at 11am so we had a run of the place and all their attention.


 These suckers climbed. jumped, crawled everywhere. Like a mix of cat, dog, and ferret.

 I wanted a pet raccoon but after visiting these guys I don't think I could handle them.

Next up we visited Yeoido park

Just across the Han River is Yeoido park, a long rectangular park where you can rent various bikes. there is also a giant court area in the center with tons baseball goals and kids playing.

Lunch at Mothers Touch 엄마네손맛 in Yeongdeungpo

 On the ther side of the park, located in the basement of a finance building, we had Gu Chub Ban Sang for lunch, only 6,000 won each!

Beautiful fall colors in Yeoido park

Then over to Yeouido Hangang Park

North East of Yeoido park is another park that runs along the Han River. This is Seoul's recent branding released last year and celebrating their 1 year anniversary while we were there, I Seoul U.
You can read about the meaning behind it here.

The Host sculpture

The Host is a 2006 South Korean monster film. It's pretty good, you should watch it! 

That evening we ventured to Common Ground near Kongdae

The perfect place to go buy over priced clothing and accessories or just just take up space taking hipster indie photos of your SO! They had a Twice popup shop, still regret not buying the album.


We didnt stay here long. Didn't see much to grab our interest so we called it a night.