2016 Seoul Fall Trip Part 5

Beautiful morning in Dongdaemun

Breakfast buns

 Koreans usually have rice and whatever is in their fridge for breakfast so you won't find a house of pancakes on the corner. Luckily there was a convenience store downstairs that always had various hot buns ready. Pizza, curry, veggies, etc.

Changing of the Guard Ceremony

 Deoksugung Palace is near City Hall in Seoul and we happened upon the event that lasted about 15 minutes.

Lunch at Kyochon 교촌 in Gangnam

Not as good as 678 Chicken in Dongdaemun.

Gagnam for a sec

 Initially we went to Gangnam just to see the Gangnam Style dance thing, they changed it (or we failed to find the right one?) and it didn't play any music and was pretty lame so we left to go to the rabbit park.

Rabbit Park (Montmartre park 몽마르트 공원)

You definitely couldn't pet them but you could get pretty close and they would eat grass and flowers from your hand. Pretty interesting to see all the wild domesticated bunnies everywhere.

Spent the evening in Itaewon

 We wandered around a bit, not really the clubbing type so we grabbed a drink at Line Friends cafe. Not sure what's going on with the couples faces in the bottom right!

Line Friends Cafe in Itaewon

 This store/cafe is amazing, so many little sets for each character and this bus stop. Very cute.

Cony (コニー Conī)

Moon (ムーン Muīn)

Brown Bear Beer.

Brown Bear Macaron.

The outside of the cafe.

The cafe itself is only 3 levels, not sure whats above it.