2016 Seoul Fall Trip Part 6

Started the day at Yongma Land

 This park is just east of the main Seoul area, about 40 minutes by train from Dongdaemun. It's called abandoned but in reality its just not in operation or maintained really. Operated from 1983 until its
closure in 2011. The owners live next door and will let you in for 5,000 won. Crayon Pop filmed their MV Jumping here. We came on a Saturday and there were about 20 others doing photo shoots for themselves or wedding.

Sailor Moon and Goku chilling

 Mostly you will see all these kinds of rides just scattered about. They are slowly breaking down, not sure how long these will all be around.

Big Head Dork

 These heads were lying about, this was the cleanest one so we put it to use.

Just like T T

Another Goku

Kids ride

Random Lunch

 We were starving by the time we left and had to walk it back to the Mangu station (was able to catch a cab to the park) when we came across this restaurant that had just opened. The area we were in was not populated with tourist so there was a language barrier, but we were able to order some delicious lunch.

Tteokgalbi (Korean Short Rib Patties)

 We had never had this before but it was really delicious.

Galbitang (Beef Short Rib Soup)

Yummy hot soup on a cold day, kinda hard to eat but delicious.


 After a quick rest in the apartment we went over to this popular street market. You can find all sorts of clothing, shoes, and souvenirs here for really cheap.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza Night Market Festival

It was a cold night so we stayed close to home. Luckily this night market is every Friday and Saturday night. They have lots of handmade crafts here for men, women, and children.

Food trucks

 Most of the food was western style like ribs, specialty french fries, various grilled meats, etc.. they had alcohol trucks too

 You can always find the best (most hyped) truck by the long line. Same goes for a restaurant :)

 I got these fries that said they we like the animal fries at In-N-Out.

DDP LED Rose Garden

 Next to the Yigansumun Exhibition Hall at DDP there are 25.550 electronic roses. A temporary exhibit originally it became so popular it is now permanent.

Rabbit Art

These little glowy guys caught my eye as we were leaving the market.